Healing After Having a Baby

Thursday, April 30 @ 12:45 PM – Karen Kowenski, DPT “Healing After Having a Baby”

There is an overwhelming amount of information for new moms on how best to heal your bodies – who knows what is right and what is wrong?!  There is a common misconception that doing hundreds of kegels a day will ‘fix’ you, but that is just not true.  In fact, for most women- less kegels is better- it’s about restoring the pressure system of your ‘core,’ making sure everything is working together.  Karen has over ten years’ experience as a pelvic floor physical therapist that specializes in women’s issues.  Whether that is urinary incontinence, diastasis recti (the gap in your abdominals), heaviness/ bulging in the pelvis (prolapse), even scar pain or pelvic pain with intercourse- the list goes on!  It doesn’t matter if you just had a baby or if you had a baby ten years ago!  Come learn what pelvic floor physical therapy can do for you, and learn how you can regain the control and power to heal yourself!