Pathways Meeting Stress and Emotional Health

Stress is caused by our body’s sudden release of chemicals into the blood flow as a response to a real or perceived mental or physical threat. ¬†This reaction is also known as the “fight, flight, or freeze” response. It is translated into our awareness through our emotions: fear, anger, embarrassment, guilt, disappointment, powerlessness, etc.

So, what if we could use emotions as an entry door to put our negative stress under control? This is what we will explore in this workshop.

Veronique Eberhart is the founder of JoyousLiving, LLC. A certified Integrative Health Coach and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, she specializes in financial and emotional health stress. She loves to see her clients free themselves from their limiting beliefs and negative stress, and create the life that they really want.

Veronique is speaking as part of our Pathways Connect series.  Pathways Connect is a group of holistic moms who seek out information about natural health care and discuss various topics around pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing. RSVP to