Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies
Spinning Babies


(a childbirth class for expecting parents and their birth partners)


If you are pregnant, this class is for you.


Join Catherine Allen, Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator (SpBCPE), for a fun and informative class that will teach you how to cultivate more comfort in your pregnancy and ease in your labor. The Spinning Babies® Parent Class highlights your baby’s active role in birth. During labor, your baby needs to pass through three levels of the pelvis. Learn techniques to help your pelvis and its muscles to support your pelvic levels. Together, you and your birth support person or partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help “make room for your baby.” Spinning Babies® reveals how baby can find optimal positions for labor, and make birth less painful, and even pleasurable!


In this 3-hour class, you will:

  • be guided through a light and accessible prenatal yoga class to help you balance your body
  • learn additional body balancing practices, such as the Three Sisters of Balance, that are to be done with your partner or birth support person
  • practice specific labor positions that open up each level of the pelvis to make as much room as possible for your baby to descend and rotate through.

After class, you’ll receive handouts and a special e-companion book to help you review and retain the information you learned in class.


Please go to https://poppy.yoga/event/spinning-babies-parent-class-2/ to reserve your spot. Attendance is limited to 6 pregnant people and their birth partners. You must pre-register before attending class.

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