Mindfulness, Work-Life Balance, and Parenting Pathways Talk

Posted On April 16, 2019

This talk is for you, if you want to …


  • lead a more mindful life.
  • learn healthy ways of managing your emotions.
  • be a confident parent.
  • be engaged with your children.
  • have a work-life balance.


Nirmeen Valiani, a Licensed Professional Counselor will be speakingĀ on Thursday April 25th at 12:45pm, our next Pathways meeting.

She will be sharing her expertise on mindfulness, self-care, work-life balance, and parenting.

Join us Join us on Thursday April 25th at 12:45pm.
Mindfulness, Self-Care, Work-Life Balance, Parenting Pathways Talk

Join us on Thursday April 25th at 12:45pm.

Please RSVP at dr.patel@westuwellness.com.