Pathways Meetings Spring 2020 Calendar

Posted On December 1, 2019

Pathways meet-ups are a way to help you find information and support for making health conscious living choices for you and your family.

Join us this Spring to hear experts talk about Moms, Babies & Microbes, Healthy Sleep Habits, and Healing after Having a Baby.

Pathways Connect Meetings are held the last Thursday of the month at 12:45 PM.

Thursday, February 27 @ 12:45 PM – Karina Kaplun, Ph.D. “Moms, Babies, and Their Microbes”

We are not
alone. There are trillions of bacteria leaving on us and in us. Microbiome
plays an important role in our health and disease. These tiny microbes help us
digest food, protect us from the invaders, regulate immune and nervous systems,
our metabolism and pretty much every other function in our body. The bacteria
and viruses a baby inherits from its mother play a crucial role in determining
the child’s health in later life. Let’s discuss what factors effect moms and
babies microbiome and what we can do to improve it.

Thursday, March 26 @ 12:45 PM – Dee Davis, NP “Healthy Sleep Habits for All

Sleep specialist Dee Davis, RN, PNP, and Mom presents Sleep challenges in infants and toddlers.  I am a pediatric NP with over 20 year of experience.  Are you sleep deprived?  Does your night time routine last longer than you expect?  Come review some basic sleep problems.   Learn how to make your families sleep better.  

Thursday, April 30 @ 12:45 PM – Karen Kowenski, DPT “Healing
After Having a Baby”

There is an
overwhelming amount of information for new moms on how best to heal your
bodies – who knows what is right and what is wrong?!  There is a common
misconception that doing hundreds of kegels a day will ‘fix’ you, but that is
just not true.  In fact, for most women- less kegels is better- it’s about
restoring the pressure system of your ‘core,’ making sure everything is working
together.  Karen has over ten years’ experience as a pelvic floor physical
therapist that specializes in women’s issues.  Whether that is urinary
incontinence, diastasis recti (the gap in your abdominals), heaviness/ bulging
in the pelvis (prolapse), even scar pain or pelvic pain with intercourse- the
list goes on!  It doesn’t matter if you just had a baby or if you had a
baby ten years ago!  Come learn what pelvic floor physical therapy can do
for you, and learn how you can regain the control and power to heal