The Doctors of Chiropractic at West U Wellness do not just use the same type of adjustment on every patient, but use a variety of techniques to customize a treatment plan for each of our clients. Our youngest patient was a few hours old and our oldest was 106!


Dr. Hanieh performing chiropractic craniosacral technique.
Dr. Hanieh performing craniosacral technique.


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The term chiropractic came from the Greek “cheiros” and “praktikos” which together translates to “done by hand”.

  • Diversified technique is a manual hands-on adjustment technique that involves applying a quick but gentle specific force to a joint to restore normal movement.
  • It may not be appropriate for every person and our trained chiropractors will evaluate if this is the right technique to use for you.

Activator MethodsTM
Another oft-used technique is Activator Method ™ which involves using a spring-loaded instrument to deliver a very gentle but also specific force on a joint.

  • There is no joint popping or manual twisting involved with this technique, which is one of the reasons why some patients prefer it.
  • Activator technique is also great for any kind of extremity adjustments, most commonly used at our office on the shoulder, wrist, hand, knee, hip, ankle, foot but also for the jaw and pelvis.
  • Dr. Long is Advanced Certified, while Dr. Ploy and Dr. Burk are Basic Proficiency Certified with Activator Methods

Cranial Technique
When you look at a human skull, you will notice that there are always suture lines.  In long bones such as in the arm and leg, these growth lines fuse when one reaches skeletal maturity, but they never do in the skull.  Those who practice Cranial Techniques believe there is always some residual movement at these junctures.

  • If pressure builds up under these cranial bones, it can result in headaches, difficulties concentrating, chronic ear aches, and sinus problems.
  • Adjustments along these cranial bones can help with these conditions and many others.
  • We often employ this technique for children who present with torticollis and plagiocephaly too.
  • Dr. Hanieh, Dr. Long, Dr. Patel, and Dr. Ploy all have additional training in craniosacral technique.

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Flexion-Distraction technique is utilized on a specific table when someone has suffered compression of the spine or a lumbar disc issue.  With this technique, the lower back is stretched out by both the table and Doctor of Chiropractic resulting in a relief of lumbar pressure.

Logan Basic
Practitioners of Logan Basic believe that the sacrum (base of the spine) can be stuck in a particular position preventing the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the sacrum up to the rest of the spine.

  • By working on the ligaments that control the sacrum, we can increase the CSF flow much like increasing the flow of a water fountain.
  • Adults and babies alike often report being able to sleep much better after a Logan Basic adjustment.

The Thompson technique involves a spring-loaded table in which different parts of the table raise up 1/2 – 1″ and then drop down when a quick gentle pressure is applied at that area.

  • Thompson is also known as “drop table” technique.
  • This is a fantastic adjustment for the pelvis and SI joints, and for that reason it is used a lot for our pregnant patients in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters during which time manual manipulation may not be as safe.

Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique (“Breech Turning”)
This chiropractic adjustment is used most often to help babies who are breech or malpositioned.  If there is something not properly aligned with the mother’s pelvis, the fetus becomes restricted and cannot move into the proper position for labor.

  • By doing gentle adjustments for the mother (not the baby), we can improve the amount of room she has in her uterus for the baby to move into the correction configuration.
  • Drs. Long, Patel, Ploy, Hanieh, and Burk are certified in this technique.

Labor Preparation Technique
Our labor prep technique combines natural methods for labor preparation.  We incorporate chiropractic adjustments that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, acupuncture points specifically to help to ripen the uterus, manual therapy to relax the round ligaments and other ligaments in the pelvis, and aromatherapy with essential oils known for helping encourage labor.  This technique is most successful if performed right after a woman reaches 40 weeks gestation.

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  • I originally came to WUW because I wanted my newborn to be adjusted after his birth. In my opinion, chiropractic care is foundational to my family’s wellness and health. We mostly use adjustments as preventive care to keep us all healthy, but we also come to treat illnesses and discomforts such as congestion, cough, ear infections, and GI problems and gas. I attribute my sons’ health to breastfeeding and chiropractic adjustments! I refer everyone I know to Dr. Long and WUW. The staff is pleasant and patient with me, especially when I call at the last minute requesting an appointment when I think my boys are sick. I also like that Dr. Long offers natural remedies and suggestions for healthy living beyond medications.

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    • K.G.
    • Family wellness
  • I was having terrible headaches that lasted days at a time. After a couple of weeks of treatment, my headaches diminished and within a couple of months, they were gone! Every time I go in for an adjustment, I enjoy the soft, relaxing music. I’ve enjoyed my treatment so much that I’ve recommended West U Wellness to my best friend.

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    • S.C.
    • Headache relief
  • Three years ago I suffered from a herniated disc in my lower back. After surgery and months of rehab I continued to suffer from time to time major back pain flare-ups especially after long business travel overseas. After starting treatment at West U Wellness with Dr. Long and the masseuse, I have noticed major improvement. I am driven by results and Dr. Long continues to deliver the treatment and pain relief that I require.

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    • C.M.
    • Disc pain relief
  • Dr. Ploy is an amazing chiropractor. She is very thorough and listens very well to your problems. You don’t feel rushed, but instead you feel like you’re really being treated with so much attention. I have found my chiropractor! You will be in great hands when you are with her.

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    • M.N.
    • Chiropractic relief with Dr. Ploy
  • My wife and I have been going here for years. Dr. Long and staff helped Karen with her back after a car accident, and continue to help both of us with posture and health. We are both in the IT industry and I travel consistently for work. It's amazing just how easy it is to take posture and ergonomics for granted. For example, Dr. Long helped raise my awareness to switch shoulders when carrying my laptop bag. She also helped Karen before, during, and after pregnancy with her shoulder and back pain.
    The best part is the family attitude the entire staff has for each patient. We count them as good friends rather than service providers and highly recommend coming in to see for yourself.

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    • F.B.
    • Wellness care for posture and health