Dr. Long | Pregnancy Chiropractor Houston
Dr. Long | Pregnancy Chiropractor Houston

At West U Wellness we take special precautions with our pregnant patients.  We modify our adjusting techniques to fit each stage of our patients’ pregnancies.  With over 20 years of experience and education, we are one of the top Pregnancy Chiropractor Houston clinics and have the most Webster, Pregnancy and Pediatric certified chiropractors of any practice in Houston!

Webster technique and fetal positioning

The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation and or sacroiliac joint dysfunction. In doing so, doing neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is improved. This allows the baby optimal room for movement in utero and provides it the opportunity to develop free of constraint. Conversely, if the woman’s sacrum (the major triangular bone in her pelvis) is out of alignment, it will affect the alignment of her entire pelvis. Misalignment of the pelvis will create an uneven pulling effect on the uterine ligaments, which explains why some women feel sensitivity on one side more than the other.

  • Any compromised position for the baby throughout pregnancy will affect his or her optimal development.
  • Conditions such as torticollis may occur because a baby’s space was cramped in utero.
  • If the woman’s uterus is constrained as birth approaches, the baby is prevented from getting into the best possible position for birth. In other words, a baby could be breech, in transverse position or OP (occiput posterior).

In the late seventies, Larry Webster, DC, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, noted a connection between subluxations of the sacral and pelvic bones and abnormal fetal positioning. He developed a gentle chiropractic adjusting technique (called the Webster Technique) to restore movement and alignment in the sacrum and observed that babies would regularly turn to the vertex position on their own after the adjustment.

  • The Webster Technique involves analysis of the pelvic bones and correcting the aberrant biomechanics through the use of a light force adjustment to the sacrum.
  • It also involves the release of specific abdominal muscle tension or spasm.
  • All of our Doctors of Chiropractic are Webster Technique certified and have years of experience working with pregnant mothers.

Chiropractic for an easier birth

The body’s intelligence wants the easiest route out for the baby. If a mother’s biomechanics are compromised, obstetric interventions are more likely to be recommended and implemented.

  • Doctors of Chiropractic work specifically with your pelvis throughout pregnancy to restore a state of balance and creating an environment for an easier safer delivery.  We do not move the baby in any way – the work is done all on the expecting mother.
  • Published studies have indicated that chiropractic care does in fact reduce labor time.

Chiropractic after birth

During the first few months post-partum you are still producing relaxin hormone so it’s a great time to make some permanent changes to your alignment. Learn more about chiropractic care for pregnancy.

Click below to listen to Dr. Caroline Long’s interview with Midwife Pat Jones on the KPFT 90.1 “Whole Mother” show.

Chiropractic and alternative treatments for fertility

Besides treating women during pregnancy, we also try and work with couples who want to become pregnant.  Click below to list to Dr. Caroline Long’s interview on the “Whole Mother” radio show about alternative treatments for increasing fertility.

Basic Prenatal Vitamin

Thorne Basic Prenatal Vitamin
Thorne Basic Prenatal Vitamin
Thorne Basic Prenatal information
Thorne Basic Prenatal information


  • I didn't want my pregnancy to worsen my aches and pains without any help so I went to Dr. Caroline Long. Pretty much most of my body was hurting, especially my lower back, legs, and feet because of the increasing weight of my baby. She would give hot compresses, deep tissue massages, and adjustments to help alleviate the pain. I am very grateful for that, believe me! I'm thankful that Dr. Long and Dr. Yeager were able to give me the prenatal care that I needed.

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    • E.W.
  • Throughout most of my first pregnancy I experienced lower back and hip pain. I thought it was just a given that pregnancy equals pain. As soon as I found out I was pregnant for the second time I became very interested in finding a chiropractor that was knowledgeable on the Webster technique. The Webster technique may increase the chance of the baby being correctly positioned for a normal vaginal birth. When I started experiencing lower back pain I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Long. She recommended some exercises and after doing those and seeing her a few times I started feeling much better. Because of how easy my second pregnancy was I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor to any pregnant women I encounter.

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    • L.P.
  • I went into West U Wellness when I started experiencing lower back pain late in my pregnancy. Not only did Dr. Ploy and the other wonderful staff members ease my pain but also corrected the problem. When I went past my due date, I requested an appointment to hopefully get labor started. Seven hours after an adjustment, massage, and acupuncture I was holding my baby girl in my arms. I would suggest West U Wellness to all my friends and family.

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    • J.C.
    • Natural induction for labor
  • I came for adjustment and acupuncture treatment to induce my labor. I had a good delivery and will be coming more for treating my back and will consider treatment opportunities for my baby.
    I like the stuff at the Center (very friendly!) and educational sessions organized by the facility. I attended doula meeting and learned a lot about fetus position. Exercises recommended by all doulas helped my baby to turn into right position.
    I would definitely recommend the Center to friends! Thank you!

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    • Z.T.
    • Labor induction and baby positioning
  • I just wanted to send you a quick email to express my appreciation and gratitude for making my life so much better my last month of pregnancy! Before my husband introduced me to you, I was suffering from severe back and neck pain to the point of not being able to move, sleep or do anything. After coming to you for a couple of times, I started feeling much better and the pain was gradually vanishing. Now that I am done with treatment, the pain has vanished 100%! It's like Magic :). I can't thank you enough for your outstanding and wonderful treatment. You really are an awesome DR and I am certainly going to recommend you to all my friends and family. Thank you again for everything!

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    • M.E.
    • Magical treatment for back pain

Frequent Questions about Pregnancy

At least 50 percent of women experience back pain during pregnancy. Pregnant women are prone to backaches and back pain for a number of reasons. 

  • As you gain weight, especially in the abdomen, this exerts a downward, forward pull on the lower spine which can alter your gait and center of gravity.
  • As labor approaches, your body secretes a hormone called relaxin, which loosens ligaments. This may exaggerate the effects of an existing spinal or pelvis problem.
  • The positioning of the baby and its movement as well as expansion of the lower part of the ribcage to accommodate your growing baby can also cause discomfort in the ribs and upper portion of the lower back.
  • Additionally, your increasing breast size in preparation for lactation can create upper back subluxations. 
  • Back pain can occur at any time during pregnancy. For many women, it interferes with daily activities and the ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy is an essential ingredient to your pre-natal care choices. A large percent of all pregnant women experience back discomfort/pain during pregnancy.

  • This is due to the rapid growth of the baby and an interference to your body's normal structural adaptations to that growth.
  • Pre-existing unnoticed imbalances in your spine and pelvis become overtaxed during these times. The added stresses lead to discomfort and difficulty while performing routine, daily activities.
  • Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can relieve and even prevent the common discomforts experienced in pregnancy. Specific adjustments eliminate these stresses in your spine, restore balance to your pelvis and result in greater comfort and lifestyle improvements.