Posted On July 19, 2016

I went to see Dr. Long at West U Wellness in 2008 for treatment after an auto accident.  Dr. Long and her staff welcomed me and not only did they help me heal physically but I believe their excellent service and genuine concern helped me heal faster.  They truly treat all their patients like family.

I continued to use West U Wellness during my pregnancy.  Deidre’s massages are hands down the best therapy I’ve ever had. I still go to West U Wellness for periodic adjustments to help with the aches and pains people get due to posture at the workplace.

My husband also started getting treatment at West U based on the wonderful experiences I’ve had at each visit.  He is also in it (like me) and appreciates his adjustments after days of sitting at a desk day in and out as well as the aches from frequent travel.  We highly recommend West U to anyone. Come in, get an analysis of your alignment then let the great staff take care of the rest.  You never how realize how much you needed it until after you’ve tried it and achieved great results.