Posted On July 19, 2016

I have learned about the West U Wellness Center from one of my friends who received amazing quality services during her pregnancy. I came to West U Wellness Center during my last trimester of my pregnancy. Just as any working parent, I was working long hours. As a result of my hectic schedule I suffered severe back pain and headaches.

As a new patient, I received an adjustment and subsequently a massage.  Angie B was my massage therapist. Due to her outgoing personality and positive spirit, it was very easy to connect with her. Angie’s outstanding massage eased my pain and helped me relax. As a result, I was able to sleep and my stress was gone.  Angie recommended essential oils that helped to manage my back pain and maintain a positive attitude.

After I gave birth to my baby daughter, I came to see Angie for the postpartum massage. Once again, Angie helped relieve my stress and my back pain.  Since Angie provided such high quality services, I felt comfortable to bring my son, Alex (8) for a massage session.  Additionally, Sara had a very painful colic and the massages performed by Angie helped the baby to sleep better.

Dr. Hanieh assisted my baby daughter with her first adjustment. Dr. Hanieh is very friendly and knowledgeable about the remedies for babies who struggle with colic or eating. After my first visit, I felt very comfortable with Dr. Hanieh, and continued to bring my baby daughter Sara and my son Alex (8).