Posted On July 26, 2016

I have waited about four years to write this review. My mother is a chiropractor in Washington state and when I moved to Houston four years ago she recommended I try West U Wellness. When I first started coming to West U I was seeing a chiropractor who is no longer at the clinic. After some time I migrated towards seeing Dr. Yeager. Recently, I went in because I could feel my atlas on my right side (in my neck) was out and I was not a happy camper. As I mentioned above since I have grown up with chiropractic I know exactly what’s out in my body and where-for the most part. Anyways, my atlas sits higher up in my neck than most people’s due to a gymnastic injury. My mother knows how to adjust it perfectly. Dr. Yeager and my mother teamed up and she described to him how she adjusts it and he tried it and it worked! Dr. Yeager is not only a competent chiropractor but I very much appreciated his willingness to consult with my mother over the phone to figure out the best way to adjust my atlas. He didn’t give up and as a result I am now a happy camper 🙂 I recommend West U Wellness for Chiropractic care and massage therapy (I have not tried their other services).