Neck Pain

Neck Pain
Neck Pain

Oftentimes people who work at computers or who keep their eyes focused on one spot for a long time (such as those who have long commutes to work) will develop neck pain.

  • This is most often a result of FHP (forward head posture)
  • There should be a normal cervical (neck) lordosis, sometimes called a “C” curve. We develop this curve when we are crawling as babies and start lifting our head off the floor
  • If that curve starts to reverse and the head moves forward, tremendous tension and strain can happen on any of the eight cervical nerves
  • We not only check your posture and alignment, but also examine the strain on the muscles and nerves  to see how severe it is and what can be done to correct it
  • We use gentle cervical manipulations to correct the alignment, and we also use techniques to reduce the tension on the muscles and nerves
  • Our patients are given exercises to do at home, at work, and/or in the car to help speed up their recovery time